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How-to and Project Archive Section.
I began with the desire to make things. These are my many experiments and projects using epoxy, fiberglass, plastic and rubber Here are some of the results achieved thus far.
Rigid Mold Technology.
Rigid Mold Technology:
Used prominently to make automobile, motorcycle, windmill and aircraft parts. Also used to make detailed and durable hulls for model ships, as illustrated on this website.

Soft Mold Technology.
Soft Mold Technology:
Primarily used for casting small parts, RTV silicon rubber allows cured parts to separate easily from the mold. RTV molds are versatile, good with casting materials from plaster to soft metals. Castings on this website are made with epoxy.

Plastic Injection Molding Technology.
Plastic Injection Molding Technology:
Using a hand pumped plastic injection molding machine, small lots of plastic parts can be manufactured at a significant rate of speed.
Low Cost Mold Technologies information and projects.
Most of the subjects below are presented in 21 page "Image Books", that tell the story in words and pictures about that particular subject. Some items are covered in more than one book, each telling a distinct segmented story about the item. If you have any questions, please use the email address at the bottom of this page.

 Submarine Projects Archive.

 More Projects Archive.

 Mold + Part Making Section.

Buying a radio controled submarine?

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ARTR (R/C) 1/100 Scale USN-SSN 688i Los Angeles Class Generation-4 Model Submarine!




The Classic Generation-3 USN-SSN 688 Los Angeles Class r/c submarine model instruction manual. This rc sub model is no longer being made.

 Building a rigid mold:
The Iowa Class Battleship has a long graceful hull. This overview shows the second generation of mold design being built.
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Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) Silicon Rubber Molds:
Here is a look at several types of RTV silicon rubber molds and the part castings produced in them
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Plastic Injection Molding:
Small hand pumped plastic injection molding machines are possible with books found on the internet. See one after construction is finished, with molds and parts made with the machine.
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The Generation-3 Los Angeles Class "First Flight" SSN-688
Radio Control
1/100 Scale Submarine
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 Bristol 29 Sailboat
Epoxy and fiberglass cloth hull repair and all preparations to paint the bottom hull. Derelict made ready to sail the bay.
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Building the custom
Star Wars model of the Eclipse-2 from "Empires End"
Using marine grade epoxy castings as a primary feature
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Rigid molds and sub hulls.
Three types of molds and parts.
Plastic injection molded parts.
Rigid mold and hull.
Large illuminated display model ship on wood stand.
Radio control fishing boat designed to tow and release fishing line.
Radio control Iowa Class Battleship USN.
First generation molded hull radio control submarine. History of Project.

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